Carol's Resume
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Carol Chen

I'm here to make a difference

Email // [email protected]
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To find software engineering internships to solve meaningful and fun problems. Also to prove that long, overly detailed resumes, while entertaining in this satirical form, are not pleasant to read.


// Great with HTML5 // Loves CSS3 + LESS & SASS, though prefers LESS over SASS // Bootstrap, this website is built with it. // JQuery, though I prefer not to use it when possible // React (Native), pretty ok with it, likes it more than Angular. // React Native , which is much nicer than doing Native Android // Android SDK // Gtk though I've only used it with Python //
// NodeJS because only real dev language. First library / backend tool. // Flask // Django, learned it on my first internship // MongoDB // MySQL, but really MariaDB //
Dev Tools
// AWS // Git // Vim but I can use emacs if I'm forced to // Firebase and actually enjoys using their security rules but understands that it's not at all scalable //
Software Development
// Codes things //

Awards and Honours

Sugar Labs Winner Google Codein // Jan 2018
  • Contributed to One Laptop per Child software for accessible education and technology. Organization has produced over 2 million laptops, with custom software and a desktop environment.
  • Among the fifty winners of over 3500 contestants.
  • Completed 24 tasks in the seven weeks.
  • Merged 27 pull requests, committed 2636 lines of code and worked on documentation and translating.
  • Worked on numerous desktop activites, working mostly with Gtk + Python as well as a web app.
  • Worked on the Music Blocks app, a web based block-coding application that produces music. Refactored how synths worked and ported the app into an extension among other features.
Speaker Wolfram Technology Conference // Oct 2017
  • Invited to speak, expenses covered, at the international conference about a project.
  • Gave a talk regarding a project, Hackathons and the applications of Wolfram technologies to be seamlessly integrated into education platforms.
Hackathons Several of them // Oct 2016 - Present
Finalist & Google Prize Hack the North // Sept 2017
  • Built a pen shaped device that reads highlighted text.
  • Without being able to find a webcam that could be attached to a pen, actual product ended up as a $20 webcam glued onto a can of redbull, with a beer bottle opener as the "lid".
  • Text sent to mobile app in real time, with additional information on what was scanned. Used a custom trained classifier to target the categories of nutrition labels, education and business/law.
  • Built with React Native + and Python.
  • Was of the top 14 teams among a thousand hackers from 22 countries. Had over 6000 applicants and prime minister Justin Trudeau spoke at the event.
Finalist & Stdlib Prize UofTHacks V // Jan 2018
  • Built a native Android app to play a cooperative, live location based capture-the-flag-esque game.
  • App bootstrapped a peer to peer network to transmit compressed location data and events, requiring no internet connection.
  • All information was transmitted through SMS messages, automated through the app. Used stdlib to create a severless sms handler.
  • Game uses mobile contacts to make gameplay instant to set up.
2nd Place and Wolfram Prize MHacks 9 // Mar 2017
  • Built an online note-taking tool with a full text editor and audio recording using React and Firebase.
  • Had a smooth UI to play audio, organized so that the correct audio is played even when text is arranged in a non-chronological order.
  • Included a study mode that helps users graph equations, perform arithmetic and find definitions through a simple text-hilight.
  • Built with Firebase, Flask and React.
2nd Place and Best Game MasseyHacks III // Apr 2017
  • Created a game to that has user-written AIs compete, allowing submissions in several languages.
  • Had a front-end React application with an IDE, that played out games during game play.
  • Used a room and elo system to find matches.
  • Used a Java program that ran the code and returns the game data.
  • Built with React, Firebase and Java
Target API Prize MHacks 8 // Oct 2016
  • Built a campaigning tool for Target with NodeJS and won Apple TVs.
  • Tool helped Target understand consumer opinions on pricing.
1st Place THacks // Oct 2016
  • Created a music composing application that also created sheet music.
  • Sheet music composed and played by a Java application, and audio could be retrieved from a server.
  • Users could select from five different instruments, and download sheet music to play it themselves.
Best use of AWS The Lady Hacks // Nov 2016
  • Built a productivity app centered around community encouragement with NodeJS and MongoDB.
70th in the Canada Avogadro Chemistry Contest // 2017
  • Self studied because chemistry is fun.
1st Place RHHS Technological Extravaganza Junior // 2017
  • Won while leaving the contest to make a sandwich. Overcame the challenges of not being able to find any kind of sauce, and ate a dry sandwich during the competition.
York Region Science Olympics Winner YRDSB // 2017
  • Participated in region wide science competition in a team of three.
  • 1st in Biology, 3rd in Chemistry, top team, top school.


Software Developer Intern // Incoming July 2018
Hatch Canada
Software Developer, Product // Aug 2017 - Present
  • Builds software that allows kids to learn JS in their browsers with Django and MySQL.
  • Fixed bugs and worked on features in close communication with the product team.
  • Wrote automated tests with Cypress.
  • Designed and maintained the new curriculum for Python focused on AI projects.
  • Created training videos for coaches to learn concepts such as time complexity, recursion and graph theory.
A Software Internship
Hatch Canada // Aug 2017 - Present
Lakeridge Resort
Ski Instructor // Jan - Mar 2017
  • Taught skiing to a variety of skills and ages after two years of apprenticing.
  • Started teaching after two years of apprenticeship. Won one of eight instructor of the week awards among two hundred instructors.
  • One of my kids drew me a picture.
Web Master and Social Media Manager
Nisbet Lodge // June - Sept 2016
  • Maintained and updated the Wordpress website and started and ran the Facebook page.


Event Coordinator
The Toronto Hacker Club // Dec 2016 - Dec 2017
  • Planned children’s events, computing competitions and worked with a variety of sponsors.
  • Managed applications for over 1200 applicants, judging and worked on activities and workshops for THacks, with 350 participants.
  • Brought in judges and workshops for THacks. Ran the application system with diversity of background in mind, while personally reviewing all 1287 applications.
  • Ran workshops and contests, and a 350 person Hackathon
  • Was the lead on a children's tech night, which was the first non-highschool targeted event and the first event outside of the downtown area. Was invited back by the library to continue running these events.
  • Assisted in marketing and with graphics.
SHAD Valley Fellow
SHAD @ University of Saskatchewan // July 2017
  • Was one of eight hundred students internaionally to be accepted into the program.
  • Month-long program, did a research project with the synchrotron.
  • Month-long program focused on entrepreneurship.
  • Attended daily lectures and workshops.
  • Conducted a research project at the CLS with the synchrotron particle accelerator. Found evidence of Apple's work into strengthening the glass on their device, disproving the common conception of Apple attempting to lower build quality.
  • Mentored winning teams at Cipher Local Hack Day '16, Bonfire, and Snowday and was a mentor at Shopify Local Hack Day '17.'
  • Mentored, ran a workshop and judged at Hack the Hammer.
  • Attended over a dozen different Hackathons, and have gone on fourteen hour bus rides to do so.
Student Council, Webmaster
RHHS Student Council // May 2017 - Present
  • Organized school-wide events such as dances, carnival, and spirit days.
  • Manages school clubs, semi formals, grade eight night, food days, talent shows and various other events. Raised hundreds of dollars for charity.
  • Maintained the school's ghost blog.
Carnivorous Plant Collector
  • Has over a hundred carnivorous plants.
  • Owns several species of drosera, nepenthes, pinguicula, utricularia and dionaea muscipula.
  • Prepares a specialize potting mix, and has propogated plants through cloning and by seed.
  • Plants are grown on a shelf, with 2ft fluorescent lighting.
Competitive Programming
  • Solves algorithmic problems.
  • Was the problem setter for THICC 2017 and Valentine's Day 2018 contests. Between the two contests, only one problem had broken test data!
Computer Science Club Executive
  • Runs weekly meeting for the school computer science clubs.
  • Helps organize future contests, and training for the contests such as ECOO and CCC.
Canada Learning Code
  • Mentors at workshops to teach women to code.
Campus Ambassador
  • 3x campus ambassador for Richmond Hill High School


High School - Current // Sept 2015 - June 2019
  • Grade eleven student at Richmond Hill High School.
  • Taking pre-AP courses.
  • Runs weekly lessons in the computer science club.
  • Alpine ski team in '16 and '17.